Sien Lok Initiatives

From the original need to safeguard the Chinese Community and Calgary’s Chinatown’s, to the development of Sien Lok Park which commemorates Chinese contributions to Canada’s cultural fabric, the Society has continually focused on initiatives that advance and preserve Chinese Canadian heritage. Having completed its founding initiative, Sien Lok has since turned its attention to other opportunities to add to Calgary’s cultural heritage. Sien Lok has founded a co-ed Chinese Scout troop, hosted musical concert galas showcasing Asian talent and currently holds annual events such as the Chinese New Years Banquet, visitations of Asian seniors, and the Picnic in our Park.


As well as showing financial support and participation with many community groups, Sien Lok has also established scholarships at S.A.I.T. Polytechnic, Mount Royal University, and the Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth. Sien Lok is proud to continue its long tradition of “happiness through good works.” Membership to Sien Lok is open to anyone interested in promoting or preserving Chinese Canadian culture regardless of ethnicity, language, age or profession. Currently, the majority of members are 2nd generation (or more) Chinese Canadians which gives them the unique viewpoint of appreciating both heritages, and also includes an ever-growing membership of non-Chinese.


Since its first fundraising event in 1969, Sien Lok has a history of excellent funding sources and campaigns. Many sponsor relationships, both recent and longstanding, continue to strengthen the Chinese community. Financing for many of Sien Lok’s community activities and initiates continues to come from its Annual Chinese New Year Fundraising Banquet, community partnerships and private donations from Calgary’s community to support specific projects

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